Trees in the village competition

Each year villages throughout Kent are invited to enter a competition whereby their trees can be inspected by an experienced judge who will award point based on the following criteria:

  • – The quality of trees in public places and in private gardens
  • – The condition of any commemorative or specially chosen trees
  • – Evidence of new planting within the village area
  • – General care of trees within the village boundary
  • – The response to suggestion made by the judge during previous visits

We qualify the term village as the heart of the parish and generally within walking distance for the judge’s inspection. Areas requiring the use of motorised transport are generally not to be included within the judge’s remit. The judge’s report will be sent both to the Parish Council and to the village Tree Warden in order that advice may be sought from the judge and from other members of our committee regarding remedial measures and advice on future planting.

Having recently reviewed the process, the winning village is now offered a fully annotated and illustrated tree guide of their village.

Details on how to enter may be obtained from the competition organiser Mr Peter Blandon on Villages who have opted to become Corporate Members of KMOTT  have their village judged free of charge while other villages pay £10 to defray administrative costs.

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