Links with other organisations

Throughout Britain there are many governmental and volunteer organisations concerned with the welfare of our tees and forests. The most important of these are the Forestry Commission, the Tree Council and the Woodland Trust

There are, additionally, county based groups who have a keen interest in woodlands in their specific areas and these groups are themselves usually headed by a County Council Tree Officer. Each villager is also encouraged to appoint a tree warden who reports to the Parish Council.

KMOTT has close contact with many of the above organisations especially the tree wardens whom we meet during our Trees in the Village Competition. Our members are frequently asked for advice on disputes between local residents and council officials on aspects of tree lopping, tree felling and we are often asked to comment on whether damage to building is the result of tree-root growth.

While we are happy to offer a view on such matters we have to stress that it is only the opinion of an individual member of the community – we have no legal backing for such opinions.

Always of interest and continually being updated is The Tree Register. This fascinating resource features the tree champions of the UK. Check it out and be amazed.

Similarly, you can find the oldest and many very remarkable trees on the Ancient Tree Inventory.

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