A thank you from Debbie Burton

As members will be aware our Administrator and Treasurer Debbie Burton stepped down at the end of December after seven years service to Kent Men of The Trees.

We are pleased to welcome her as a new member and delighted she could join us at the AGM, George Kirby announced that as a thank you, the committee had gifted her a garden bench and in return Debbie gave her thanks for the gift by way of a poem she had written.


Thanks to the KMOTT Committee

A special note of thanks to you

for many things, more than a few.


Your stunning gift takes pride of place

and puts a smile upon my face.

The spot it’s placed, as you may know,

the ‘Yard Arm’ – it’s the place we go

in summer, with our G&T –

we’ll use our seat most frequently!


The plaque gleams smartly in the sun,

So I’ll remember you, each one,

(though no prompt needed – you’re all part

of that warm place within my heart).


I’ll rest upon its slats of wood,

so neatly joined, all smooth and good…

recalling fondly, time I spent,

those seven years which came and went,

in admin duties, (not so posh)

and also guarding KMOTT’s dosh!


Committee meetings – and the minutes,

(Trying not to miss what’s in it)…

Emails written, web updated,

‘Arbor’ mailed as members waited.

My nemeses were sums a-plenty,

checked once, then twice – and sometimes twenty!

The day trips, long trips, start to end,

All worth it for my KMOTT friends.


The privilege to work with you,

was mine, with all the good you do.

You taught me much, when I knew not.

Your great support has meant a lot.


Now, having sorted out your ‘brand’

I leave you in the best of hands.

I may be ‘gone’, but yet, not quite –

I’m now a paid-up member, right?

I’ll see you at the AGM

And day trips – hope to get to them.


So, when the day is almost done,

We’ll sit out in the setting sun,

upon that bench, with G&Ts

and toast The Kent Men of the Trees!


With love and best wishes from Debbie xx